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Bringing the Science of Mindfulness to the Practice of Dentistry and Life

About this Seminar

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We live in a fast-paced, over-stimulated, 24/7 plugged-in culture.  Much of our living is habituated, lived on autopilot, unaware of what each unique moment has to offer.  This way of living can lead to a general sense of dissatisfaction or unrest leading to burnout or errors in judgment.  Mindfulness has the potential to change that. It involves paying attention on purpose to what is actually happening in the present moment.  This simple (not always easy) act frees us from the thinking mind that typically dwells in the past or the future.  Evidence-based science illustrates mindfulness’s benefits to include feeling better, thinking better and relating better. This program will examine the principles of mindfulness, offer practices that get us in touch with our present moment experience and provide suggestions for integrating mindfulness to enhance our personal, professional and community well-being.


  1. Describe mindfulness and its practices
  2. Review the current research on mindfulness and well-being
  3. Investigate neuroplastic qualities of the brain
  4. Experience a variety of mindful awareness practices
  5. Apply mindfulness techniques and practices to the practice of dentistry and life



Debbie Holexa

About Debbie Holexa

Debbie Holexa has been in dentistry since 1978. She has served in many capacities including dental assistant, practice owner and manager, dental hygienist, dental educator and dental hygiene program director. She developed a Mindfulness-Inspired dental hygiene program, incorporating the principles and practices of mindfulness within a standardized and accredited curriculum. In addition to dentistry Debbie is an internationally certified mindfulness meditation facilitator and teacher with training in Mindful Self-Compassion and other aspects of mindfulness. She teaches Mindfulness for Stress Management at Mesa Community College and to various business, healthcare and community organizations.

  • Location Virtual
  • Date 2021 June 11
  • Start time 8:30 am (ADT) | 09:00 am (NDT)
  • End time 10:00 am (ADT) | 10:30 am (NDT)
  • Credit hours 1.5
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